Software Development Engineer

Company Name:
ServiceSource Delaware, Inc.
Design and develop high availability enterprise platforms and web applications, data warehousing and analytic solutions using leading programming languages and technologies; build distributed services using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF); develop components that integrate with enterprise CRM products, technologies and architecture, such as Salesforce, Seibel, MS Dynamics CRM, Rightnow Technologies; design and develop Public APIs to integrate with leading marketing automation and campaign management systems such as Marketo & Silverpop; build software components that comply with industry security standards (OAuth 2.0, SSL); perform data manipulation and transformations with large data sets with MS-SQL and NoSQL databases such MongoDB; design and develop custom in-house test and build automation leveraging third-party libraries such as Selenium, NUnit. Job Requires Bachelors degree in Computer Science or foreign equivalent plus 5 years progressive experience (or Masters degree in Computer Science or foreign equivalent plus 3 years experience) to include developing applications using .NET, C#, WCF, (or C++/Java) and other formats including XML, JSON; building software that perform optimized platform level interactions with leading enterprise CRM systems (SalesForce, Dynamics CRM etc.); architectural refactoring to achieve greater scalability and performance; participating in project-wide reviews of requirements, system architecture, and detailed design; coordinating team-wide code quality improvement initiatives and the development best practices; working with multiple development teams to implement functional, API, unit and regression test automation; developing and implementing automated build verification and system integration test frameworks as both developer and test owner; formulating and developing Quality Assurance Metrics and reporting solutions using C#, SQL, HTML, CSS, ASP.

Don't Be Fooled

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